Disadvantages of Internet Bingo That We Often Overlook


Internet bingo has been scaling newer heights of popularity with each passing day. Recent news has it that the first TV advertisement is set to be released for a leading online portal in the genre in the last week of January 2010. On the backdrop of this revolutionary development, we shall ponder over some of the disadvantages of the virtual version of the game which we often tend to overlook. Though, the disadvantages are only a few, yet, not being aware of the same may cause discomfort to the player later on.

Internet bingo can be termed flawless in terms of ease of use is concerned. However, listed below are some of the issues that could be erased or kept a check on to ensure a great gaming experience for the participant:

* The Absence of Ambiance – A lot of people associate the game with a lively ambiance that complements the mood of the players. This is absent while playing internet bingo, as the players are all sitting isolated on their computers, probably miles apart from each other. However, this disadvantage has been overcome to a great extent with the use of sound effects and artificial crowd sounds by the online hosts.

* Customer Service – Unlike in a conventional hall, instant customer service is not available on online gaming sites. Even though live phone lines and chat software have helped erase this problem to an extent, yet a lot of players complain of a considerable lag in quality or immediacy of services.

* Security – The anonymity of the player is as much a disadvantage as a benefit. With a huge number of internet bingo sites asking for cash or credit card details as part of the registration procedure, security is a big concern on such portals. Moreover, apart from the site, try and verify the authenticity of the players at your table, especially if you are an amateur or newbie at the site.

* Interaction – Interaction with other players, or socializing, was only restricted to mid-game breaks. This had been a considerable hurdle in allowing the internet bingo versions to become popular. Online portals, however, have recognized the glitch and have started to take steps in rectifying this issue. Chat software, online discussions and public forums have allowed the games to become more fun, initiating better interest from players on the whole.

Registering yourself with an authentic internet bingo portal can help you avoid most of these drawbacks without bending your back much. Look for an authentic license from an authoritative body and check for track records to stay safe from scams.

Online portals like ‘GenieBingo.com’ can be an ideal option for you. These offer a multitude of games and playing options to choose from, with great rewards to be won at every stage of play!

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