Double Up Your Video Poker Profits

Many online gamblers may not be aware that there is a casino bet available that has no house edge. That’s right…zero. No matter how often you make this bet, the casino never has any advantage over the player. It’s a purely 50/50 chance bet and as such it offers the opportunity as one of the best bets available at any online casino.

So what is this bet? Well it’s simply the “Double Up” feature of Video Poker and some Online Slots. When a player wins they have the option to try and double their winnings using the “Double Up” feature. Players are given the choice of red or black, and if the card shown matches their color of choice


then their winnings are doubled. Many players don’t like to make use of this feature, thinking that it’s a foolish side bet and offers no skill. Often side bets at casinos offer poor returns, but the reality is that this bet offers a truly fair 50/50 bet with a 100% expected return.

The “Double Up” feature is also a great way to extend your game play time. Using this feature effectively slows your hand rate, meaning you are getting extra game time for your dollar.

You may wonder why casinos offer this bet since they don’t make any money from it. Well even though it slows down the hand rate of the player, many players enjoy this feature so it is offered to attract new customers who like the simplicity of being able to double their money. It also encourages them to play more on the Video Poker game that they are playing.

So is there a strategy for the “Double Up” feature? Most games will limit the number of double ups you can attempt to around 5, so an optimal strategy would be to try and double up the maximum number of times. However using this strategy certainly does add to the variance you will experience while you play. Sometimes you will be able to double your winnings multiple times to cash in a huge win, while sometimes you’ll lose the lot. Although this strategy does offer you the greatest expected value, if doubling up 5 times in a row sounds a bit risky for you, then just do what you are comfortable with. Either keep the double ups to 2 or 3 attempts, or set yourself a dollar threshold that you are comfortable gambling with.

Some sites even count the double up wagers in the wagering requirements to clear bonuses. Many sites don’t, but some do, so make sure you check the terms and conditions of the bonus at the online casino website.

The “Double Up” feature is a unique bet which more players should be aware of and utilize while they play. It’s a great way to double your profits on a fair 50/50 bet of pure chance – a rare find indeed!

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